The 114 buildings (suras) of Qur’an City


“…Rabb! Build for me a house with You in Janna…” – 66:11

The Qur’an is not just a book, but a library of life having its own 114 suwer (plural of sura) which have a thread that runs through all of them exhorting the human being to reach his full potential according to Divinity’s version of success.

The Qur’an maps the journey of learning and teaching of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) – the most awesome man who walked the earth and a role model for every human being who wishes to reach his personal best. We’ve mapped it as a City with 114 buildings in 19 suburbs surrounding the City Centre to enable it to be studied in byte size sections.

Explore Qur’an City with us as we visit each suburb and focus on the buildings therein to give ourselves an overview and understanding of His Guidance.

1. Al Faatiha
The Opening

2. Al Baqara
The Cow

3. Aali Imraan
The Family of Imran

4. Al Nisaa
The Woman

5. Al Maa’ida
The Table

6. Al An’aam
The Livestock

7. Al A’raaf
The Heights

8. Al Anfaal
The Spoils of War

9. Al Tawbaa
The Repentance

10. Yunus

11. Hud

12. Yusuf

13. Al Ra’ad
The Thunder

14. Ibraheem

15. Al Hijr
The Rock

16. Al Nahl
The Bee

17. Al Israa
The Night Journey

18. Al Kahf
The Cave

19. Maryam

20. Taahaa

21. Al Ambiyaa
The Prophets

22. Al Hajj
The Pilgrimage

23. Al Mu’minun
The Believers

24. Al Nur
The Light

25. Al Furqaan
The Separator

26. Al Shu’araa
The Poets

27. Al Naml
The Ant

28. Al Qasas
The Story

29. Al Ankabut
The Spider

30. Al Rum
The Romans

31. Luqmaan

32. Al Sajdaa
The Prostration

33. Al Ahzaab
The Coalition

34. Al Sabaa

35. Al Faatir
The Originator

36. Al Yaasin

37. Al Saffaat
The Rows of Angels

38. Saad

39. Al Zumar
The Companions

40. Al Ghaafir
The Forgiver

41. Al Fussilat
The Explanation

42. Al Shura
The Counsel Meeting

43. Al Zukhruf
The Decoration

44. Al Dukhan
The Smoke

45. Al Jathiya
The Kneeling

46. Al Ahqaf
The Sand Dunes

47. Muhammad

48. Al Fath
The Victory

49. Al Hujuraat
The Rooms

50. Qaaf

51. Al Dhariyat
The Scatterers

52. Al Tur
The Mountain

53. Al Najm
The Star

54. Al Qamar
The Moon

55. Al Rahmaan
The Merciful

56. Al Waaqia
The Event

57. Al Hadeed
The Iron

58. Al Mujaadila
The Pleading Woman

59. Al Hashr
The Gathering

60. Al Mumtahana
The Examined Woman

61. Al Saff
The Row

62. Al Jumu’a

63. Al Munafiqun
The Hypocrites

64. Al Taghabun
Loss and Gain

65. Al Talaaq
The Divorce

66. Al Tahreem
The Forbidden

67. Al Mulk
The Kingdom

68. Al Qalam
The Pen

69. Al Haaqqa
The Truth

70. Al Ma’aarij
The Stairway

71. Nuh

72. Al Jinn
The Jinn

73. Al Muzzammil
The Wrapped One

74. Al Muddathir
The Covered One

75. Al Qiyama
The Day of Judgement

76. Al Insaan/Dahr
The Human Being

77. Al Mursalaat
The Winds

78. Al Nabaa
The News

79. Al Naaziaat
Those Who Pulled Out

80. Al ‘Abasa
He Frowned

81. Al Takweer
The Folding Over

82. Al Infitaar
The Tearing Lengthwise

83. Al Mutaffiffeen
The Cheaters

84. Al Inshiqaaq
The Tearing Apart

85. Al Burooj
The Forts in the Heavens

86. Al Taariq
The Briliant Star

87. Al A’laa
The Most High

88. Al Ghaashiya
That Which Covers Entirely

89. Al Fajr
The Dawn

90. Al Balad
The City

91. Al Shams
The Sun

92. Al Layl
The Night

93. Al Dhuhaa
The Early Morning Light

94. Al Inshiraah
The Expansion

95. Al Teen
The Fig

96. Al ‘Alaq
The Clot Which Clings

97. Al Qadr
The Measure/Decree

98. Al Bayyina
The Clear Evidence

99. Al Zilzaal
The Earthquake

100. Al ‘Aadiyaat
The Competing Horses

101. Al Qaari’aah
The Calamity

102. Al Takaathur
The Negative Abundance

103. Al ‘Asr
The Time

104. Al Humazaa
The Backbiters

105. Al Feel
The Elephant

106. Al Quraysh
The Quraysh

107. Al Maa’un
The Smallest Act of Kindness

108. Al Kawthar
The Positive Abundance

109. Al Kaafirun
Those Who Cover Up The Truth

110. Al Nasr
The Divine Help

111. Al Lahab
The Flame

112. Al Ikhlas
The Purity of Belief

113. Al Falaq
The Daybreak

114. Al Naas
The Human Beings