097 – Al Qadr – The Measure / Decree

The sura focuses on the night of Qadr which is the inauguration of the revelation of the Qur’an when a speck of Divinity came down to the earth. The Qur’an was revealed on the night of Qadr as a whole to the Prophets heart (26:193,194)  and then piecemeal over the next 23 years as the occasion demanded. The magnitude of the Message, the Messenger and the Time of the message is immeasurable. 
The night is  described to be better than an 1000 months which is figuratively better than a lifetime. The angelic forces bring limitless opportunities with the heart of the human being opening according to his capacity and his aspirations to reach his full potential. All affairs for the year are decreed on that night  and there is peace (a realisation of safety and serenity in both the worlds)  on this night until daybreak. It is said to be any odd night in  the last 10 days of Ramadhan, with greater emphasis on the 23rd night.