016 – Al Nahl – The Bee

The chapter begins with the specific blessings Divinity has blessed human beings with. These include the benefits and uses of livestock, water, crops, vegetation, the sea and its bounties, celestial bodies, mountains, stream, stars and other landmarks that provide guidance for travel. It continues with the denial of those who covered up the truth of accountability and their arrogance towards the Prophet, accusing him of fabricating revelation. There are repeated warnings of punishment as a consequence.
Verses 48-52 focus on the nature of all created beings to prostrate to Divinity with the shadow presented as a symbolic illustration that all creation ultimately submits to Allah.  The chapter transitions into further reflections on nature such as water, milk, drinks from palm and grapes, bees & honey, the human being, birds… And parables to display the awesomeness of Allah followed by a comparison of those who are grateful versus those who are ungrateful and the consequences on the Day of Judgement.  A focus on the character of Prophet Ibraheem (pbuh) follows as well as an exhortation to follow his creed.
The chapter closes with instructions of how to call humanity to Divinity with wisdom, beautiful words, debating with what is better and responding with patience and restraint when wronged.