084 – Al Inshiqaaq – The Tearing Apart

The chapter begins with the cosmic chaos  that will transpire  on the day of Judgement from the tearing apart of the sky to the stretching of the earth which will empty itself of everything in it. All because they have no choice but to obey their Master (Creator).
There is then a statement around which the chapter evolves that every human being will meet his striving. 
The chapter then contrasts the reaction of those who will receive their book in their right hands and those who will receive it behind their backs on the day of Judgement.      
This is followed by a series of oaths on the  twilight to the covering of the night to the stages of the moon alluding to the stages of life from non existence to life, death and resurrection. 
The chapter ends with the disparity between the final end of those who reject Divine guidance to those who believe.