043 – Al Zukhruf – The Decoration

The chapter begins with the clarity and wisdom of the Arabic Qur’an. An insight into those who covered up the truth follows, describing them as those who mocked the Prophets and felt humiliated if they were given the news of a daughter. The chapter continues to Allah’s response to those who objected against the Prophet not being one of the elites of Makka and Taaif and their allegations that the Qur’an was simply magic.
The opposition of the Makkans towards the Prophet is likened to Firawn’s objection against Prophet Musa. Their likening their worship of idols to the Christian’s reverence of Prophet Isa is rebuked.
There is then a comparison between the righteous and the unjust on the Day of Judgement ending with an order to the Prophet to remain calm in the face of the opposition against him and his message.