095 – Al Teen – The Fig

Among the Arabs of that era, figs and olives held a distinguished and unique place. The fig tree and the olive tree are both known for their resilience. The chapter’s first two oaths point out that these plants have the best ‘taqweem’ (best of moulds) to rise, be strong and grow in perfection.
Mt Sinai and Makka in the next two oaths are the regions from where most of the Prophets (best of human beings). The conclusion to the oaths follows  in  that the human being has been created in the best of moulds (taqweem which connotes a state of growing, rising and perfection) but can descend to be the lowest except for those who believe and manifest their belief in serving humanity – a message similar to Suratul ‘Asr (103). The reward is in proportion to the ascension.
The chapter ends with reminder that Allah’s ‘hukm’ is the law and order he has devised for human beings and we will reap what we sow.