020 – Taahaa

The chapter begins with a consolation to the Prophet (pbuh) and a mention of the most beautiful names (attributes) of Allah. It then leads to an account of the story of Prophet Musa (pbuh) recounting his encounter with Allah on Mount Sinai and the order to go to Firawn to free the Bani Israail.
The conversation with Firawn and the magicians challenge and subsequent submission to Allah is followed by Firawn’s drowning. Then the chapter transitions into the incident of Samiri and the golden calf in Prophet Musa’s absence when his brother Harun was left in charge. The chapter then continues to discuss several aspects of the Day of Judgement and then recounts the story of Prophet Adam (pbuh).  
It then encourages the Prophet to be steadfast in the face of the Makkan’s insults, to establish salaa and warns the Makkans regarding the inevitable end and accountability when they will come to know who is rightly guided.