010 – Yunus – Jonah

The chapter begins with confirming the divine origin of the Qur’an and admonishes the Makkans who accused the Prophet of fabricating it and being a magician.  The chapter then asserts Allah as the Master who created with a purpose and only accepts intercessors with his permission.
It admonishes those who cover up the truth telling them that they are the fabricators who deny their own nature which is to believe and submit to Divinity. The chapter describes how when affliction befalls those who cover up the truth and they are left with no one to turn to, they incline towards Divinity only to return to their old ways as soon as they are safe. There is then an emphasis on accountability and the certainty of meeting one’s actions.
The chapter then recounts the stories of Prophets Nuh and Musa and other previous Prophets.  Unlike any of them the people of Prophet Yunus heeded his warning averted punishment. The chapter ends by asserting to the Makkans and thus to all human beings that it is never too late to accept the truth.