039 – Al Zumar – The Companions

The title is from the mention that categorised groups of those who cover up the truth will be driven to Jahannam and those who are God conscious will be driven to Janna. 
The chapter begins with an emphasis on devoting oneself exclusively to Divinity and then leads to a contrast between those who believe and those who cover up the truth, comparing their behaviours and punctuating the discussion with rhetorical questions such as “Are those who know and those who don’t know alike?” Aya 9.
The regret of the Deniers of Divinity is also recorded.
One of the most hopeful verses of the Qur’an is mentioned here. The Prophet is reported to have said that he would not exchange the world and all that is in it for  Aya 53
“O My servants who have been wasteful against their souls, do not despair of the Mercy of Allah, Indeed Allah forgives all faults; Indeed He is All Forgiving, All Merciful”