026 – Al Shu’araa – The Poets

The chapter begins with telling the Prophet that regardless of what is revealed, those who are adamant in covering up the truth will not believe. Much of the rest of the chapter recounts the stories of previous Prophets who faced similar challenges with the same teachings.
It begins with the account of Prophet Musa’s confrontation with Firawn, his contest with the magicians and their subsequent submission to his leaving Egypt with the Bani Israail. This is followed by an account of Prophet Ibraheem and the debate with his people about idols and then his awesome description of Allah and asking for forgiveness, wisdom, truth and Janna. Next is the story of Prophet Nuh and his people’s aversion to a person whom the lower class followed. This is followed by Prophet Hud whose people are condemned for their arrogance over worldly possessions and Prophet Saalih whose people are characterised by their material attachment. Finally, there are accounts of Prophets Lut and Shuayb.
The chapter affirms that the Qur’an was revealed to the heart of the Prophet in Arabic and the first group to be warned were the Prophet’s near relations. It continues to describe those on whom shaytan descends and concludes by saying that the poets whom the pre-Islamic Arabs revered portrayed a false representation of reality.