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“Iqra” READ! First order to humanity to read and awake the intelligence.


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QFatima is a unique learning resource, developing innovative and understandable educational materials for the teaching of Islam.

Qur’an City

With 114 buildings and 19 suburbs, Qur’an City shows the Qur'an in an engaging and understandable way, linking all the different aspects and paths together.

Q School

Our learning is based on the values of the Qur’an in order to build a Qur’anic Community in partnership with parents. Our goal is for each child to live Islam as taught by the Qur’an and the Ahlulbayt.

Q Calendar

From Muharram through the month of Ramadhan to Dhulhijja; observances and commemorations of Calendar events are the touchstones of Muslim life.

Q Life

The Muslim way of life is all encompassing and no aspect should be excluded. Being a Muslim involves discipline and focus in order to reach closer to divinity and one’s personal best.

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Q Beliefs

Monotheism, Guidance & Accountability


The 99 Attributes (Names) of God

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Jurisprudence (Fiqh) & Ethics (Akhlaq)

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Hajj & Visiting the M 14

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Communicating with God

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Interfaith Dialogue & RE for Schools

Positive Interaction & Resources for Schools

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