015 – Al Hijr – The Rock

The chapter begins with the actions of those who defiantly opposed the Prophet and the inevitability of Divine punishment. It responds to their demands of bringing angels saying that nothing the Prophet brought them would make them believe. After reflection on creation, the rebelliousness of those who opposed the Prophet is compared to the arrogance and refusal of shaytaan to obey Allah when asked to do sajda when Adam was created. 
The chapter then talks of the angels who visited Prophet Ibraheem and recounts the destruction of the people of Lut. A mention of the people of Ayka, to whom Prophet Shuayb was sent, is followed by a mention of the people of Hijr (Thamood) to whom Prophet Salih was sent and from which the chapter takes its name. 
It ends with consolation and encouragement to the Prophet not to grieve over his peoples’ rejection of him as Allah is Sufficient as a validator for him and the Qur’an.