051 – Al Dhaariyaat – The Scatterers

The sura begins with oaths on the life giving nature of winds attending to the certainty of the day of Judgement. Another oath on the multiple pathways on the heavens alludes to the different philosophies of life that human beings have and the intellectual excuses made by those who cover up the truth  to deny Divinity.
The qualities of the God Conscious whose reward in Janna follows – they sleep a little in the night, ask for forgiveness in the day and share their wealth with those who ask and are in need. A reflection on the miraculous signs of creation around and within allude to Allah being the Provider and that there is a definitive day of Accountability.
This is followed by  narratives of communities who rejected Divine messengers. Angels visit Prophet Ibraheem to give him the good news of Ishaaq but also that they had been sent to tell him about the destruction of the people of Lut. Firawn’s drowning, the destruction of Aad & Thamud and the people of Nuh are mentioned.
The sura ends with the purpose of life being to serve Divinity (Obedience to the Creator and Serving His creation),  The Provider of Sustenance is Allah and a warning to those who cover up the truth about accountability.