Qur’an Recitation

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has said:

“Whenever one of you feels inclined to converse with his Creator, he should read the Quran.”
(Kanzul Umma Vol 1 pg510)


For those for whom Arabic is not their first language, it is hard to know what each letter or word of the Qur’an is supposed to sound like and often a person who already knows how to read the Qur’an is required to make sure that the words are being pronounced correctly.

Q Read was developed to assist those who wished to learn how to recite the Qur’an with the correct Makharij* and Tajweed** in a structured way with lots of exercises.

*“Tarteel is delivering words according to their makharij (outlets for sound or intonations).” Imam Ali (pbuh)

**Tajweed refers to the rules governing pronunciation during the recitation of
Qur’an and literally means to make well, make better or improve’.