074 – Al Muddathir – The Covered One

The chapter focuses on the task of the Prophet as a warner to those who denied revelation. It begins with the order from divinity to persevere in transmitting the awesomeness of the Creator regardless of opposition.
The historical example of Waleed ibn Mugheera follows. He was well known for his eloquence, intelligence and wealthy status amongst the Arabs. He recognised the uniqueness and greatness of revelation but could not declare it for it would mean losing his status. His thinking, plotting and subsequent allegations is captured by Divinity.
This is followed by oaths alluding to the light of revelation, removing the darkness of ignorance.
The chapter ends with the conversation of the inmates of Jahannam with the inmates of Janna explaining why they found themselves in Jahannam. Divinity concludes by saying that they ran away from revelation like donkeys from a lion.