018 – Al Kahf – The Cave

The chapter begins with the assertion that the Qur’an is the strongest standing miracle that will not sway. It continues with the narrative of the inhabitants of the cave from which the chapter takes its name. They left their homes to escape religious persecution and were given Divine protection through a miraculous sleep. 
This is followed by a story of the owners of two gardens where one is afflicted because he is arrogant and does not express gratitude for blessings. 
The chapter then mentions the disobedience of Shaytaan when it came to obedience to Divinity. 
The Qur’an as that which contains every kind of parable for human beings follows after which is mentioned the narration of Prophet Musa and his encounter with Prophet Khidr who is kept alive by Allah beyond the range of normal human life. 
The chapter then narrates the story of Dhulqarnayn who journeys from east to west to establish religious sovereignty over the land. 
It closes with the Day of Judgement, Janna and Jahannam and finally the inexhaustibility of Divine words followed by a reminder that the Prophet is a human being to whom Divine revelation was sent.