028 – Al Qasas – The Story

The chapter begins with the story of Prophet Musa describing the oppression suffered by the Bani Israail who were divided by Firawn to keep them weak. Musa’s mother is ordered by Divinity to put her infant in the river, after which he is cared for and brought up my Firawn’s wife in his palace. This is followed by an incident where Musa strikes and kills an Egyptian who was bullying someone from the Bani Israail and his subsequent escape to Madain. There he meets two sisters, one of whom he would marry and finds refuge and employment with his father-in-law – Prophet Shuayb. The chapter continues with the encounter of Musa on the mountain with the fire from where Divinity addresses him and gives him the miracles of the staff and illuminated hand. He is commanded to confront Firawn and asks for his brother Harun to accompany him. Firawn claimed Divinity and boasted about building a tower to climb up to heaven to encounter and challenge the god of Musa.
The chapter then continues with those who believe who are contrasted with those who deny Divine Guidance and their questioning on the day of resurrection.
The story of Qarun, who attributed his wealth to his intelligence, follows as an example of extravagance, arrogance and hoarding. He is warned not to show off and to give importance to the aakhira but he ignored the warnings. Him and his home were sunk in the earth as a punishment.
The chapter ends with consolation to the Prophet that he will return to Makka and all things will return back to Allah.