060 – Al Mumtahana – The Examined Woman

The chapter begins with the directive that those who are open enemies of Divinity will never be protective friends  It alludes to the incident of Hateeb, whose  wife and children were in Makka. He sent a message to the Quraysh that if the Muslims should come to Makka, they should not hurt his wife and family thereby giving away the plans of the Prophet. Advised by Jibrail, The Prophet asked Imam Ali with others to intercept the messenger who hid the letter in her hair.  The Prophet forgave Hateeb.
The example of Prophet Ibraheem and his followers is then mentioned as an example to be followed. The chapter continues in encouraging for good relations with those who do not oppose the Muslims. It concludes referring to the emigration of women from Makka to Madina from which the chapter gets its name. 
The Prophet had signed a treaty at Hudaibiyya with the Makkans that if a man from Makka emigrated to Madina, the Muslims would have to return him. A woman called Sabi’a, daughter of Harith went to Madina from Makka and verses 10 -12 were revealed asking the women to confirm the emigration was because they had become Muslims. The Makkans were advised that the treaty did not include women.