027 – Al Naml – The Ant

The chapter opens with several verses on the Qur’an as good news to those who establish salaa, give zakaa and are convinced of the hereafter. It then transitions to Prophet Musa’s encounter with the burning bush from which Allah spoke to him, charging him with his mission to go to Firawn and free the Bani Israail. This is followed by an account of Prophet Sulayman, the valley of the ants, the hoopoe bird and his encounter with the queen of Sheba, who embraces belief in one god.  The plot to assassinate Prophet Saalih is mentioned next. This is followed by the destruction of the people of Prophet Lut.
The chapter then challenges the reader to reflect upon creation with a rhetorical question in several verses – “is there a god alongside Allah?” 
This is followed by those who deny resurrection and the Day of Judgement asserting the guidance of the Qur’an.
The chapter ends with the mission of the Prophet being to sanctify Makka, recite the Qur’an and praise Divinity.