114 – Al Naas – The Human Beings

Sura Al Naas and Sura Al Falaq are known as Maudhatayn (The two protectors). Both were revealed simultaneously. Between Al Falaq and Al Naas there are 5 ‘sharrs’ (evils – that which cause harm) from which protection is sought. Here the most deadly of them is mentioned – ‘was waas’ – subtle negative whisperings by the greatest of ‘haasid’s’  (jealous one) – Shaytan.
There are 9 inner whispering that cause evil: greed, expectations, worldly desires, acquisition, affliction, pride, belittling others, desire for acknowledgement and admiration and stinginess. Refuge is sought from these in Allah, manifested in different ways – by having trust in Allah, remembering Allah and accountability, recognising less is more, seeing the good in a situation, having humanity, considering the honour of others and having humility and generosity.