003 – Aali Imraan  – The Family of Imran

All Imraan refers to the family line of Sayyida Maryam as referred to in verse 33.  It begins with the Divine Guidance of the Qur’an, Tawraat (Torah) and Injeel (Evengel) and the outright rejectors, the believers and those who focused on the ambiguous verses and protested.
Allah then introduces himself as the Master of the kingdom. The first manifestation of faith is justice. Love of Allah and therefore success can only be achieved by following the messenger practically and potentially.
His awesomeness is manifested with a powerful miracle – the birth of Prophet Isa (pbuh) without a father. This was to shake those who rejected the truth out of their decadence.
The chapter then encourages dialogue with the Christian (of Najran) and the Jews (of Madina) with commonalities and an invitation to submit to Divinity and be unified in purpose.
A considerable portion of the sura is devoted to the events of the battles of Badr and Uhud contrasting Divine help at Badr where there was belief and trust as opposed to Uhud where hypocrisy and cowardice were manifested.
A directive to share wealth in ease and adversity with the forbidding of interest follows. Community cohesion is encouraged with obedience to the messenger,
forgiveness, charity and goodness
A post battle commentary of Uhud follows stating that the key malady was hypocrisy.
Finally, the chapter conceptualises failure as rejection of guidance, miserliness and boasting and success as contemplation, remembrance, patience and taqwa and duas to maintain them.