090 – Al Balad – The City

The chapter takes its title from ‘This Land’ –  with reference to the city of Makka – the focal point towards which all Muslims turn to (although it could refer to the earth in totality).  Then the best of cities is followed by an oath of the best of human beings – the Prophet as its resident. 
Then every parent and child leads into the answer to the oath  that every human being is created in a state of  struggle and  hardship. It then reproaches the human being for failing to put his faculties and wealth to proper use by thinking that he is not accountable. He wastes his wealth and boasts about it. Divinity reminds him that he is watched, 
This is followed by instructions as to how one should act describing the path as a steep difficult road entailing some of the challenges – to free one who is shackled, feeding on days of hunger, assisting orphans and the destitute. The chapter ends with a contrast between the companions of the right hand who advise to patience, perseverance, compassion and forgiveness  and the companions of the left who cover up this truth.