066 – Al Three – The Forbidden

The chapter begins with an admonition to the Prophet not to forbid to himself that which Allah has allowed even if he made an oath to himself.
A mention of the domestic situation in the household of the Prophet where his spouse divulged what he specifically asked her not to share with anyone else follows. The chapter then instructs those who believe to strive to protect themselves and their families from the fire and to repent. The final verses provide examples of women who believed and those who covered up the truth in stark contrast to the beliefs of their husbands.  The virtue of Sayyida Aasiya in comparison to the unjust arrogant Firawn and the betrayal of the wives of prophet Nuh and Lut in contrast to the righteousness of their husbands.  
The chapter ends with the mention of Sayyida Maryam and her total trust in Divinity – the only woman mentioned in the Qur’an by name 34 times.