007 – Al A’raaf – The Heights

The chapter begins with a reminder to follow Divine Guidance and a general warning about the consequences of failing to do so. It then recounts the story of Prophet Adam’s creation, interaction with Shaytan in Janna and being sent to the Earth.  Four admonitions to the children of Adam follow from the story. A warning about Jahannam for those who reject Divine Guidance.
Good news for those who believe and do good is followed by a dialogue between the people of Janna and Jahannam, with a reference to the inhabitants of the heights (A’raaf).
The chapter then transitions to the awesomeness of Allah, which serves as an introduction to the detailing of the destruction of earlier communities who rejected their Prophets (Nuh, Hud, Salih, Lut & Shuayb). This is followed by a lengthy narrative about Prophet Musa from his confrontation with the magicians through to deliverance of the Mani Israail, receiving of the Tawraat and the mention of Muhammad in the Tawraat and Injeel.
The chapter concludes with the universal covenant between Divinity and human beings, recognising Him as their Master and devotional practices including invoking Allah through His attributes (names), listening to the recitation of Qur’an and remembering Him morning and evening.