025 – Al Furqaan – The Separator

The chapter begins with the accusations of the Makkans that the Qur’an was taught to him by a human being and he was repeating ancient stories. It highlights their objections to accept the Prophet because of his humanity such as his eating and walking in the market, not given any treasures and not accompanied by an angel. The Makkans also objected at why the Quran was not revealed all at once rather than gradually over years.
The Prophet’s complain on the day of Judgement of the Qur’an taken as a forsaken word is mentioned in verse 30 followed by the rejection of Prophets Musa, Harun, Nuh, Hud, Salih and the messengers sent to the people of Rass by their communities.
The chapter ends with a description of how those who submit to Divinity should behave from living a life of humility, addressing ignorance with kindness to being family orientated.