046 – Al Ahqaaf – The Sand Dunes

The chapter begins with a challenge to those who reject Divine Guidance calling them to account for their rejection and requesting proof to prove their case.
It then transitions into a conversation on the rights of parents and the importance of respect and praying for them. Those who respect parents are granted the best of what they do, and their evil deeds are overlooked whilst those who disrespect parents are deemed as failures by Divinity.
A discussion on the just recompense of deeds on one’s individual merits transitions into the story of Prophet Hud and the manner in which his people were punished for rejecting him. This is followed by the recounting of the story of the jinn who heard the Qur’an and called their people to follow the Prophet.
The chapter ends with a counsel to the Prophet to have patience to endure the rejection of the Makkans  like the Prophets before him.