022 – Al Hajj – The Pilgrimage

The chapter begins with a warning of the destruction of the earth and the disorientation of the human being on the day of judgement compared to the life cycle of the human being.
It continues to describe the three categories of human beings – believers, defiant rejectors and those on the verge.  A parable of an extended rope to the sky representing  Divine guidance  and help follows with the example of one who is enraged cutting the rope only to fall. 
The chapter takes its name from the mention of Hajj in verse 27. The significance of Hajj is addressed with a reminder of the rituals and that their true value lies in God consciousness which reaches Allah and not the sacrificial meat or other physical aspects of Hajj.
An important part of the chapter is the permission to defend against persecution ending with an exhortation to establish prayer, serve humanity and strive hard in order to succeed and gain Allah’s help.