040 – Al Ghaafir – The Forgiver

The chapter opens with the Divine attributes of Allah being the immediate forgiver of sins, acceptor of repentance, intense in retribution and possessor of bounty (enabler of expansion). This is followed by the rejection of those who disputed the truth and the duas of the angels who pray for the forgiveness, protection, and admission to Janna of the believers and their families.
Verses 10-22 tell of the state of the rejectors of Divine Guidance on the Day of Judgement when they will confess their sins and ask if there is a way out.
The chapter then expounds on the conversation of Hizqeel (the believer from the people of Firawn) with Firawn and his people challenging Firawn’s oppostion to Prophet Musa, ending by entrusting his affairs to Allah.
The chapter affirms the promise of Allah to respond to the one who calls and concludes with a condemnation of those who are arrogant and discusses the punishment that awaits them .