012 – Yusuf – Joseph

The most beautiful story of the Qur’an begins with a dream that Yusuf as a child narrates to his father Yaqub of 11 stars, the sun and the moon prostrating. His father tells him not to tell it to his brothers who are extremely jealous of him. The elder brothers plot to get rid of him and put him in a well. He is rescued by a caravan and sold as a slave to an Egyptian high-ranking minister.
A scandal ensues when the minister’s wife makes advances and accuses Yusuf of wrongdoing. He is imprisoned and later exonerated. The king appoints him in charge of the treasury when he interprets his dream of a long famine and recognises his awesomeness.
The chapter continues with the return of his brothers during the famine and the eventual reuniting of the family of Yaqub, realising the childhood dream of Yusuf.
It ends with an assertion of the lessons in the stories of the Qur’an.