024 – Al Nur – The Light

The opening verses of the chapter deal with morality and decency in a Muslim community alluding to the punishment for adultery and laying out the standards of evidence for finding a person guilty of the crime. It is followed by the gravity of false accusations and slander and the response of the community to baseless chit chat. Rules on dress and modesty are also mentioned.
The title comes from verse 35 which is known as the light verse; a parable which symbolises divine light as a glass covered lamp in a niche which shines brightly and is let by a pure oil from a blessed olive tree, referring to the light of faith in a human being, which is activated by the divine guidance of the Qur’an and Prophetic teachings.
Parables of a mirage, the darkness beneath the waves in the sea and lightning show the symbolism of darkness (an absence of light) to show the nature of the inner reality of the human being. A glimpse at hypocrisy and various rules on respect with regard to privacy in one’s home follows.
The chapter ends with the ownership of the kingdom by Allah and the certainty of accountability.