002 – Al Baqara – The Cow

It is the longest chapter of the Qur’an and opens with the answer to the question in Sura Al Fatiha of “Guide us on the right way” stating that this is the guidance for the God conscious.
It begins with the categorisation of belief into those who believe in the seen and unseen, all the Prophets and the imperative to give followed by those who cover up the truth and then hypocrisy. 
Then starts a historical journey of belief from the creation of Prophet Adam and the refusal of Shaitan to obey the order of Divinity to prostrate to him. 
This is followed by the history of the children of Israail; the numerous blessings given to them and milestone events in their history.
Prophet Ibraheem is discussed next in his establishment of the Ka’ba and his prayer for peace, prosperity, a Prophet from his progeny. The change of qibla from Jerusalem to the Ka’ba follows and then important practical laws are legislated in this chapter.
Long term financial investments of condition free loans to humanity, charity without reproach and the chief of the verses of the Qur’an – Ayatul Kursi follow. Here the awesomeness of Allah is described.
The chapter ends with a re-iteration of core beliefs and a prayer of forgiveness, protection and help to maintain them.