029 – Al Ankabut – The Spider

Revealed at a time of extreme persecution shortly before the migration (hijra) of many of the companions to Abyssinia. The sura begins by stating that faith will be tested as it was for the Prophets of the past citing examples.
The central theme of the sura is the metaphor of the frailty of the spider’s web built with the strongest of materials. The human being builds his world without being aware of the Awesomeness of the Creator and the inevitability of death and the hereafter, thus taking the weakest of positions. He is often heedless of his own fragility.
(The COVID19 virus of 2020 is a vivid example of this).
Strength to be able to succeed through the trials of life acquired through following the guidance of the Qur’an, establishing Salaa and remembering Divinity at all times.
The sura also respond to the objections of those who covered up the truth addressing their beliefs. It concludes assuring those who believe that by being grateful and striving in His way, they will be rightly guided.