032 – Al Sajda – The Prostration

The chapter begins with the Qur’an and its Awesome Author – the creator of the heavens and earth and the owner of time and the knower of the seen and unseen. The creation of the human being with the spirit of Allah blown into him is then highlighted. This is followed by a contrast between those who are defiantly disobedient and those who submit to divinity. The objections are directed towards divine guidance (the prophet and the Qur’an) and resurrection (accountability).
The contrast is with those who do sajda, praise and thank Allah and do good the Bani Israail are an example of those who were guided so long as they persevered and followed the signs of Divinity.  
The chapter continues with a call to reflect upon the end of past civilisations and a reflection on creation; finally ending with a challenge to those who cover up the truth and to await the order of Allah.