019 – Maryam – Mary

The chapter begins with the answer to the prayer of  Zakariyya and his vow of silence  in the birth of Yahya. It continues with a detailed account of the Sayyida Maryam and the  miraculous birth of  Isa again repeating the theme of the silence of Sayyida Maryam and the speaking of the infant Isa in her arms. 
 This is followed by concise narrations of the Idrees, Ibraheem, Ismail,  Musa & Harun with a common thematic element of how each was moved to tears and fell into submission of Allah when His signs were recited. A warning of the consequences to those who deny Divinity   except those who repent, believe and work righteously comes next with a strong rejection of those who deny accountability and ascribe a son to Allah. 
The chapter ends with a reward of love (guidance) to those who believe and do good deeds in comparison to the utter silence of the earlier generations destroyed by Divinity for their wrongdoing.