036 – Yaseen 

Addressing  the Prophet as Yaasin which could mean ‘O Perfect Human Being’, the chapter begins by clarifying both his mission and the nature of revelation. This is followed by a historical example of the people of Antioch who rejected Divine messengers and killed their own who exhorted them to believe.
It continues to a directive to reflect on the signs of nature followed by addressing the objections of those who rejected guidance when asked to be God conscious and to feed those in need. The comparison of the fate of the believers and the defiantly ungrateful ones in the hereafter is portrayed. The chapter ends with a return to a discussion on the signs of creation that demonstrate Allah’s creative power and ability  to resurrect concluding with an affirmation of He who has control over everything. 
The chapter shows how we dictate our  own destinies and also depicts how we tie ourselves in the chains of arrogance, expectations and desires which make us forget reality and our purpose of existence.  The sudden calls of death, resurrection and coming before the Divine presence are also vividly portrayed. The meaning of Janna and Jahannam is made clear. 
In essence it  teaches graphically how to keep the heart turning.