017 – Al Israa – The Night Journey

The chapter takes its name from the first verse which refers to the night journey (israa) of the Prophet from Makka to Jerusalem from where the ascension (mi’raj) happened.  The chapter is also referred to as Bani Israail as verses 4-8 discuss their historical destruction. 
The human being’s need for instant gratification is followed by the Qur’anic version of the ten commandments.  A warning against Shaitan, and believers are instructed to pray the mandatory prayers and the night  prayer.   There is a brief account of the creation of Prophet Adam as well as Prophet Musa’s confrontation with Pharaoh and deliverance of the children of Israail. 
Finally the chapter discusses various qualities of the Qur’an; its revelation in portions and the awesomeness of the effects of  its message for those who follow it and an order to call upon Divinity through His attributes.