059 – Al Hashr – The Gathering

The chapter begins with the declaration of the perfection of Allah followed by the incident of the expulsion of the Banu Nudhayr.  who were presented with the choice of leaving with all their possessions, but retaining the right to proceeds from their crops, or face war. They requested a respite of ten days. They decided to lock themselves up in their fort hoping that the hypocrites in Madina would assist them. The Muslims surrounded them and cut some off their date palms to be able to enter the fort. Divine terror led them to leave but they destroyed their own homes.
The chapter continues with the distribution of the spoils of war which exposed the ingrain greed of some of the wealthy in Madina, and the faith of the emigrants and the awesomeness of the loving acceptance of the immigrants by the helpers of Madina.
An exhortation to be mindful of accountability follows stating that the people of Janna are not equal to the people of Jahannam
The chapter ends with the most awesome verses of the Qur’an, which emphasises the ability of the Qur’an to change hearts with the attributes of Allah – verses 21-24