057 – Al Hadeed – The Iron

The chapter begins with six verses that emphasise the awesomeness of Allah with a focus on amongst other attributes –  The Mighty, The Wise, The Owner and Creator  of the heavens and the earth, The First, The Last,  The All Knowing….
The next five verses enjoin belief in Allah and spending one’s wealth in His way. This is followed by the contrast of the fate that awaits the believers and the hypocrites on the day of judgement. 
The fourth and longest section begins with a call in verse 16 to humble and soften the hearts to the remembrance of Allah. It then discusses the illusory nature of the world which distracts the human being, followed by a directive to compete towards forgiveness and Janna. Verses 22-23 refer to calamities being specifically targeted to highlight flaws and create relief. 
The last section extends its discussion to the people of the book, calling upon them to believe in the Prophet and reminds those who believe of His double portion of Mercy for being God conscious which will energise them.