037 – Al Saffaat – The Rows of Angels

The sura begins with a series of oaths on the rows of angels on standby leading up to the subject which is the Oneness and Total Ownership of Allah. It then describes the futility of those who attempt to obtain knowledge of the unseen from the Jinn continuing to a warning to the deniers of truth of the inevitability of accountability despite their  objections and mocking of the Prophet calling him a mad poet. 
A description of Janna follows with its inmates enquiring about the friends who they cannot see. A window into Jahannam is opened for them to see and they recall how they too would have been in the same position. A glimpse into the punishments for the unjust in Jahannam is followed by the  ludicrous distractive questions asked about Allah by those who cover up the truth. Each is refuted by Divinity.
The sura ends with the definitive victory of the Messengers as they are assisted by Divinity.