Qasam Place

17 suwer of the Qur’an begin with oaths, where God swears by various aspects of creation. An oath is normally used to convince the listener about the truthfulness and/or importance of what one is saying. In this case the speaker is Divinity who is Truth itself, therefore the oath is making a focus on the subject that it is swearing by and its following ayaat. (Arabs used to swear on random objects to draw the attention of people). The suwer are:

37. Al-Saffat
51. Al-Dhariyat
52. Al-Tur
53. Al-Najm
75. Al-Qiyama
77. Al-Mursalat
79. Al-Nazi’at
85. Al-Buruj
86. Al-Tariq
89. Al-Fajr
90. Al-Balad
91. Al-Shams
92. Al-Layl
93. Al-Dhuha
95. Al-Tin
100. Al-‘Adiyat
103. Al-‘Asr
93. Al-Dhuha and 94. Al-Inshirah form a pair and therefore Suratul Inshira has been placed near Qasam Close (across the road) so that it can be with its partner.