Muhammad Square

A focus on the most awesome man who walked the earth.
When planning Madina, the Prophet (pbuh) had the mosque (Masjidun Nabi) as the focal
point of religious, intellectual and socio-political life.

3 chapters in this square (47 Muhammad, 48 Al Fath & 49 Al Hujurat) revolve around respect to the Prophet.

Ahlulbayt Circle

The Ahlulbayt are those mentioned in 33:33.
The Prophet (pbuh), his daughter Fatima (pbuh), her husband Ali (pbuh) and their two sons Hasan & Husayn (pbut). Also included are the Imams after them).

Sura Al Insaan (76) focuses around the charity of the house of Fatima (pbuh) & Ali (pbuh).

Sura Al Kawthar (108) was revealed in reference to Sayyida Fatima (pbuh) and her progeny when the Quraysh called the Prophet (pbuh) ‘abtar’ (one without progeny) when his son died.

Nidaa Street

The chapters here begin with a direct address to the Prophet (pbuh).

The Prophet (pbuh) is called Taahaa (20) and Yaseen (36), as well as Muzammil (73) and Muddaththir (74)