Once again I have been given the honour to recite the majalis of Husayn (pbuh); it is an awesome opportunity but it comes with butterflies, brain freezes,  panic attacks and moments of sheer terror…. Need your duas desperately…

I have to share a greeting for Muharram from my inter faith friends after I had explained the concept of Ashura to them… “Thank you for the explanation. I’ll be with you in thought for the next 10 days as you reflect on the detrimental effects of oppression. May the hearts of all oppressors be moved to compassion for the oppressed”

This year we are still restricted to collectively share our grief for the Imam (pbuh) in the physical form but are able to do so virtually. Shed a tear and raise your hands in dua for Imam Sadiq (pbuh) says that even if there are two people who get together to remember Imam Husayn (pbuh), the third is an angel who prays for both for both of them……

1st of Muharram 

  • Fasting on 1st day of Muharram highly recommended. Imam Ridha (pbuh) asks his companion, Ar Rayyan ibn Shabeeb – “Are you fasting?” He answers no. Imam then says: “Yabna Shabeeb! This is the day when Zakariyya at 75 years prayed to his Rabb (3:38) for a child. Allah accepts his dua and commands angel to go to his mihraab and announce the good news of a son Yahya (3:39). One who fasts and invokes Allah He will accept as the dua of Zakariyya.”
  • It is mustahab to fast on the first nine days of the month.
  • On the day of ‘Ashura, it is recommended to remember the martyrs of Karbala, recite Suratul Ikhlas 1000 times and recite the Ziyara of Imam Husayn  (pbuh)


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