Salaa connects us to Divinity establishing a personal relationship with Allah.
The Qur’an emphasises the establishing of salaa.

Salaa is multi-dimensional, encompassing both the unseen (internal) and the seen (external).

It starts with wudhoo, which externally emphasises the importance of hygiene, and internally holds a conscious intention to be pure of negativity. The intention is amplified by the conscious turning towards the Ka’ba (the house of God) and then the intention to pray without which the salaa is meaningless. The body positions have their own symbolism and the sequential repetitions of rakaa’ encapsulate the continuous unfolding of creation that happens every moment of our existence.

“This salaa is not ordained for the purpose of making you stand, bow and prostrate all day long; rather the purpose is that the spiritual state made visible in the salaa should be with you always…” Rumi