Q School

Ayatul Birr

Our teaching is based on Ayatul Birr 2:177 which encompasses all the Teaching Strategies of QSchool. We have depicted it as a window in the Baqara building.

The foundation is AQAAID which manifests itself as serving
creation and accessing DIVINITY.

The resulting characteristics that we all aspire to inculcate in our lives:


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Key Strategies

This is known as the thematic approach where core subjects are interlinked. It enables students to make connections such that they can make sense of Islam as a whole way of life… Drawing knowledge and taught in line with  all of the Q Fatima strategies.

Q Beliefs

Aq’aid is the plural of Aqeeda which means belief. The belief in the five roots of Islam.

A 99

Whatever little information the human being can get about Allah can only be acquired through His names. These qualities and Names are therefore an infrastructure for human akhlaq because in Islam, the human being is the representative of Allah.

Qur’an City

With 114 buildings, Qur’an CIty is a teaching methodology which allows an overview of the study of the Qur’an. The city is divided into 15 suburbs. Each building is further divided into floors which assists in understanding the key concept of each sura.

Q Laws

Fiqh means a deep understanding or full comprehension and it is in essence the expansion of Shari’a (divine laws which illuminate the way to reach one’s full potential.

Q Prophets

Prophets mentioned in Qur’an and ahadith.

M 14

Ma’sum (pl. Ma’sumeen) means the sinless or infallibles ones. When the Prophet (pbuh) recited the aya 33:33 he said: “Thus Me and my Ahlulbayt are clear from sins.”

Awesome People

Those who followed the example of the Prophet (pbuh) as directed by Divinity fall within this category…

These awesome people have been divided into the following groups: Awesome Women, Companions & Scholars

Q Life

The laws of Islam affect all aspects of life, from childbirth through to Parenting, education, relationships and death. Islam provides scripts for all these life events. The goal of all these activities is to get closer to Allah and reach one’s full potential.

Interfaith Dialogue

Interaction about the concept of Divinity.

Q Calendar

From Muharram through the month of Ramadhan to Dhulhijja; observances and commemorations of Calendar events are the touchstones of Muslim life. The rituals evoke both history and theology, and engender feelings of joy, sorrow and introspection.

Q Kids

A variety of resources such as story books, activities, etc. which will help children explore the wonders of Divinity and help them learn about Islam in a fun way.

Q Dua

Prayer in Islam is the foundation of communication with God. Supplications, termed duas, means to ‘call out’ and they form an important part of Muslim life used to sanctify everything from eating a meal to sighting the moon.

Q Ethics

To be a good Muslims means to act ethically towards oneself, family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and strangers.

Q Pilgrimage

Ziyara (Commonly referred to as, Ziyarat) is a pilgrimage to sites associated with the Prophet (pbuh) and his progeny, their companions and Islamic scholars. Ziyarat can also refer to sending salutations to them from afar.


What we teach

The curriculum is based around drawing knowledge from the above strategies to different levels to coverage and understanding.

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Introducing Q School PPT

A complete teaching methodology:

  • Curriculum framework
  • Measurable outcomes
  • Comprehensive learning resources
  • Teacher support
  • Parental obligations

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Tripartite Policy

By providing high quality teaching in a fun environment that harnesses parent power.

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