Q Ethics

To be a good Muslims means to act ethically towards oneself, family,
friends, neighbours, colleagues and strangers.


There are two words in the Arabic language that make up human values. One is “aadaab” and the other is “Akhlaaq”. Aadaab form the attributes of the actions of a person, which are manifested outwardly whilst akhlaaq consists of the attributes of the inner self.

The Prophet (pbuh) has said; “Excellent aadaab is the ornament of the intellect.”

In essence aadaab is excellent manners based on the teachings of Divine messengers (the sunna of the Prophets). Allah in the Qur’an says in Sura Al Qalam, 68:4, “And indeed you (O Muhammad) have the most excellent of characters.”

We will base our ethics on the sunna of the Prophet (pbuh).

The three main characteristics which encompass all human values are: