Q Pilgrimage

Hajj and ‘Umra

“It is the duty of all mankind to come to the House, a pilgrim if he is able to make his way there”. Suratu Aali Imran 3:97 Hajj is not an ordinary journey but one that has a special significance. We will look at all the various aspects that are associated with Hajj. Read More

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Hajj Travel Journal

Understanding all aspects of Hajj


My Hajj Diary

A personal account of someone who went to Hajj in 1990


Hajj Powerpoint

A presentation illustrating the steps of Hajj


Farewell Hajj

The last Hajj of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)


‘Umra Travel Journal

Travel guide for ‘Umra

The Ka'ba Poster-Tab

The Ka’ba Poster


Inscriptions on the Ka'ba door-Tab

Inscriptions on the Ka’ba door




Hajj steps


Ziyara literally means “visit”. In this context it means visiting the sites associated with Ma’sumeen and their companions. The Ma’sumeen have highly emphasized the importance of Ziyara, in order to come closer to them. Once Imam Husayn (pbuh) asked his grandfather about the merits of performing ziyara. Read More

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Iraq Travel Journal

Travel guide for Ziyara in Iraq


My Travel Journal to Iraq

My Travel Journal to Iraq


My Ziyara Workbook to Iraq

Resource for children who are embarking on Ziyara to Iraq