Prophet Dhulqarnayn


“They question you concerning Dhulqarnayn. Say; ‘I will relate to you an account of him’. 18:83
“Indeed we had granted him power in the land and given him the means to all things.” 18:84

A young man who travelled extensively and was a righteous powerful leader. There is much speculation and legend of his title which literally means (the possessor of 2 horns). The one of two horns. Qarn – horn. Could be the possessor of the then Rum and Persia, or he who travelled around the two horns of the East and the West or hair tied in two ponytails (qarn) that his crown had 2 horns… He followed a route from the East to the West following landmarks and various stopping points. With his army he reaches the extent of the western lands – He came across a people whom he conquers. He lays down a simple legal and moral code – the righteous will be rewarded and praised, while the evil will be punished. However, he also acknowledges that punishments on earth can be imperfect, and that Allah is ultimately the final judge of mankind. In this way, Dhul-Qarnayn demonstrates humility, an essential quality of an ideal leader. He recognizes that his power and authority come from God, After all his travels, he settled amongst a people who were extremely just and lived with them until he died. It is said he lived for 500 years.