Imam Muhammad Al-Mahdi


Name: Muhammad
Parents: Imam Hasan Al-Askery (pbuh) and Sayyida Narjis Kuniyya: Abul Qasim
Titles: Al-Mahdi (the guided one), Al-Hujjat (proof of Allah), Al-Muntazar (one who awaits the orders of Allah), Al-Muntazir (one who is awaited), Sahebuz Zamaan (master of the age), Al-Qaim (the present one)
Birth: Friday 15th Sha’ban 255 A.H. in Samarra

“And We intend to bestow our favour upon those who were considered weak in the land and to make them the Aimma and to make them the heirs.” 28:5 Imagine that you live your entire life in a place where the sun is always behind the clouds. Your parents and grandparents lived here too, and so did their parents and grandparents. You have adequate sustenance and you survive because that is what you have been taught to do. You know that the sun exists because of the very fact that you survive.

“The world subsists due to his existence, due to his blessings, creation is sustained and on account of his existence – the heavens and earth remain intact” Dua Adeela.

You have been taught the ideology of tawheed and although around you there is ample proof of the existence of Allah, you wish to see and hear such an individual that will prove conclusively not only to you but to all who have doubted you. The restlessness and sadness in the soul is the missing of the hujjat of Allah, for Imam is the sun behind the clouds.