The Prophet (pbuh) has said: “Every tree has a fruit; the fruit of the heart is a child.”

Unlike animals, the human being is like an object that is handmade, individual, unique, each a work of art.



The human child is born helpless and takes time to develop and have the ability to look after himself/herself. The sense of perception of even the tiniest infant initiates its psychic development. The nafs of an infant has secret depths that are still unknown to the adults who care for them. There is therefore a hidden need which requires to be satisfied.

Parenting in essence is the intelligence of love. It is the most difficult and challenging job which is only recognised by parents. The key to successful parenting is to instil a sense of self-esteem within the children. The most important aspect in relation to a child is a sense of inherent worth. All four aspects of the child have to be considered in inherent worth – Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.

A child’s self-esteem will be determined by the conditional acceptance that he receives from others and the unconditional acceptance that he receives from his care givers. There is a dynamic relationship between self-esteem and skill development. As a child improves in his self-esteem, his competence increases, and the caregiver must come to realize that positive self-esteem is both a prerequisite and a consequence of success.