Healthy Living

The Islamic attitude regarding health is best summed up by the following Quranic verse: “Eat and drink (the lawful) but do not be extravagant” (7:31). And the tradition of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) regarding the secret of good health can be stated in one word and that is ‘moderation’.


“Eat and drink (the lawful) but do not be extravagant”


Islam places great stress on matters of hygiene and cleanliness, thereby pointing out the importance of prevention which, needless to say is better than the cure. Thus we find abundant narrations encouraging baths, ablutions, brushing the teeth, paring the nails, trimming the moustache, removing unnecessary hair, washing the fruits, covering containers that hold food and drinks, etc.

The Holy Prophet (pbuh) and the Aimma, would prescribe proper nutrition, medicines, oil massage, inhaling medications, vomiting, etc, for treating physical sickness. To treat physical manifestations and problems with the psyche they recommended supplications, invocations and other psychotherapeutic means.